Drunk thieves crash stolen moped into flat

Two men in their twenties were injured on Friday after stealing a moped and crashing it straight through an apartment window.

The incident occurred in Växjö, in southern Sweden.

Around midnight Friday, two men in their twenties stole a moped from a 16-year-old boy, reported local newspaper Smålandsposten.

The pilfering pair didn’t get far, however, before they lost control over the stolen vehicle.

Just half an hour into their getaway, they managed to crash the moped through the front window of an apartment.

Police soon arrived on the scene and were able to make their arrest. Both men were subsequently taken to the nearby Växjö Hospital to receive medical attention.

And although police were unwilling to disclose just how serious their injuries were, officer on duty Ulrika Lagerquist told Smålandsposten that one of the men had sustained a deep cut on his arm.

The men are now under suspicion for drunk driving, theft and narcotics crime.

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