Migrant medics: ‘pizza order German’ no good

Migrant medics: 'pizza order German' no good
Photo: DPA
Foreign doctors who work in Germany should be made to take a language test, to ensure they can do more than order a pizza in their adopted country, the German Doctors’ Association has decided.

Rudolf Henke, head of the Marburger Bund doctors’ association called for the introduction of language tests in the light of increased numbers of medics coming from abroad to work in Germany.

“A doctor from another country must be able to do more than order pizza during the night shift,” he said on Saturday at the annual meeting of the association.

He said at the very least doctors should be able to write comprehensible letters and put together recommendations for treatment – something which could involve employers putting a migrant doctor through several months of language lessons and training in the German health care system.

“No doctor from abroad should be given a license to practice in Germany if he or she is not at least at this level,” he said.

He said the association was expecting young doctors from Greece and Spain to be applying for work in Germany due to the economic crises in those countries.

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