Lucerne double shooter killed himself: police

A 33-year-old Kosovar man who seriously injured his wife and her mother in a shooting incident last week died from self-inflicted injuries, and not from a shot fired by his wife's brother, according to media reports. 


The man, known only as Martin P, shot the 27-year-old shop manager, Margita P, in Perlen, Lucerne, last week after she had told him that she wanted to leave him, online news site Blick reported.

“She could not take his insane jealousy any longer. And she told him,” Margita’s sister, Mirita, told the newspaper.

Martin had come to Margita’s mother’s house to plead with her, telling her how much he loved her and how he could not afford the apartment on his own.

“At the end of the conversation, he seemed to have accepted it. And he went,” Mirita said.

But a short while later he returned and asked for Margita to talk to him on the back porch. When she went out there, he shot her in the chest. As she turned and tried to run screaming into the living room, he shot her again in the back of the head.

He also shot Margita’s 50-year-old mother, who was trying to stop him, in the head. Upon hearing the shots, Margita’s brother, known only as Mikel T, came rushing into the living room, and Martin fled.

Mikel pursued him and, shortly after, Martin was found dead.

At first it was unclear whether the 22-year-old had killed Martin, and police took him into custody last week. However, it has since emerged that, although Mikel did shoot at his former brother-in-law, Martin was already lying dead when he did so.

He confessed to police that he had seen the body on the floor and, unable to think straight because of what had just gone on, picked up the gun Martin had used on himself to shoot him again.

Forensic evidence has confirmed that the first shot was the fatal shot, and Mikel has since been released.

Nevertheless, he may face charges for disturbing the peace of the dead.

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