Rex the dog finds his way home after three years

Rex the dog was stolen from his owner André Lauridsen and family as a puppy, three years ago. Now he’s made his way back to the family at last, reported local newspaper Kvällsposten.

Rex the dog finds his way home after three years

“We’re completely shocked,” André Lauridsen told the newspaper.

Rex was stolen from outside Lauridsen’s office, in Eslöv, southern Sweden, back in 2009.

On Thursday he received a call from a woman from nearby city Trelleborg.

Upon discovering that a barking dog had been leashed outside Trelleborg’s district court for an hour and a half, the woman, Anna Thomasson, took the dog home.

Thanks to a chip in Rex’s ear, the real owners could soon be traced.

The Lauridsen family have called and thanked Anna Thomasson for finding their canine friend.

“It’s such an amazing story, I got tears in my eyes when I heard it. But I just did what you’re supposed to do, I don’t want to be called a hero,” Anna Thomasson said.

The dog appears to have been well looked after these past three years.

However, the family no longer think the name Rex fits.

“We’ve started calling him Meche. We’ll have to see if he listens to that name,” said André Lauridsen to Kvällsposten.

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