Has Stockholm become too expensive?

Tourist season is coming, and The Local took to the streets to quiz people in Stockholm about what 100 kronor ($14) can get you. It begged the further question: has this city become just too expensive?

Has Stockholm become too expensive?

In the wake of the initiative of the Australian beach volleyballer who spent a week living off 15 kronor a day for charity AND with tourist season only a hop, skip and a pirouette away, The Local wanted to find out more.

So, we took to the streets of the capital’s tourist hub, Gamla Stan (Old Town), to ask tourists and Swedes alike for the best way to spend 100 kronor ($14) in the city.

Chewing gum, Guiness and a singular Ikea meatball were some of the better suggestions we heard.

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But, as many seemed appalled at this meagre budget, we also want to find out if there is some truth to the whispers on the streets that the so-called “capital of Scandinavia” is getting too expensive…

Is 30 kronor ($4.3) fair to pay for a coffee in the city? And is it possible to have a good time for 100 kronor? Or do you feel regularly ripped off in the capital?

What do YOU think?

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