Woman burned father in Easter bonfire

Woman burned father in Easter bonfire
Photo: DPA
A German woman in Osnabrück has been fined €800 and handed a 15-month suspended sentence for burning her father’s corpse in an Easter bonfire - and collecting his pension after his death.

According to the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, the 41-year-old woman tossed her father’s body on an Easter Sunday bonfire on her own property in 2010, after reportedly leaving his corpse for months in his own apartment, and then later keeping it in a barn.

In the meantime, she collected his retirement benefits of €1,500 a month, which she testified that she was financially dependent on. The affair came to light after her sister, sensing something was awry, contacted police.

The court sentenced the woman on charges of bodily harm, fraud, and falsification of documents.

The court considered it evident that the woman had given her alcoholic father wine and had never stopped him from drinking schnapps, and that she accepted the consequences the alcohol would have for her father, who suffered from heart problems.

But the woman and her mentally-ill husband were both acquitted on charges of abuse. Her 42-year-old husband reportedly used a tractor to help move his father-in-law’s body from the barn to the bonfire. He received a €500 fine.

The woman’s father moved in with her and her family about 18 months before his death. After he died in July 2009, the daughter reportedly didn’t tell anyone of his death, until weeks later when she told her husband.

She reportedly forged her father’s signature to receive his retirement benefits. The woman, who has two young children, said she did not receive financial support from her husband.

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