Son kept dead mum’s body in cellar for a year

A 23-year-old man has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital after police discovered he had kept the corpse of his dead mother in the cellar for a year. 

Authorities said the 61-year-old mother from the village of Blain, near Nantes, appears to have died a natural death in February 2011. Autopsy results are expected on Friday but a first examination of body did not find any wounds or traces of violence.

“It’s a human tragedy, but the investigation so far hasn’t uncovered a criminal motive,” a source close to the investigation told Le Parisien. The same source said tests show the son does not suffer from a serious psychiatric illness but was severely affected by the death of his mother.  

Speaking to the police, the son says his mother was overweigh and suffered from high blood pressure, and that she stopped taking care of herself in the period leading up to her death last year.

The young man put the body of his mother on a bed in the cellar and did not change his routine. He continued to shop for household groceries and paid the bills. 

His mother was a recluse and it appears the neighbours did not notice she had died.

It’s only when prosecutors opened an investigation into her disappearance and summoned the son for questioning, that he led them to her body. 

On Wednesday, the son was briefly detained by the police before being released and admitted into hospital. 

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French police shoot dead knife-wielding man at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

French Border police at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris shot - and killed - man who was wielding a knife in the public area of the airport on Wednesday.

French police shoot dead knife-wielding man at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

Border police reportedly shot a man with aggressive behaviour who brandished a knife in the public area of the Charles de Gaulle airport outside of Paris, on Wednesday morning, police and airport sources told AFP.

“This morning officers neutralised a threatening individual in possession of a knife at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport,” the Paris police department said on its Twitter account.

A source close to the investigation told BFMTV that the man – who was likely homeless – went towards the officers, despite being asked several times to put the knife down. In response, police shot the man in the abdomen, and the individual later died.

The incident took place in the busy, public area of terminal 2F around 8:20 am, when “a homeless man started bothering security agents and border police were called in to remove him”.

Initially the man left while yelling curses but he soon returned and brought out a knife, when one of the officers fired his weapon.

An AFP photographer who witnessed the scene said “a large person of colour brandished something that looked like a knife at the police”.

“He was ordered to stop but kept advancing toward them, and an officer fired a single shot.”

The man was quickly put on a stretcher and evacuated, the photographer said. 

Security forces have been on high alert for terrorist attacks since a wave of jihadist killings that have killed more than 250 people since 2015, often by so-called “lone wolves” who often target police.