Pregnant women told to abort healthy foetuses

Several pregnant women were incorrectly told by Swedish medical authorities that they'd miscarried, and were encouraged to abort their perfectly healthy foetuses.

Pregnant women told to abort healthy foetuses

At least six pregnant women in the past three years have been told to abort foetuses who then turned out not be dead, according to Sveriges Radio (SR).

The radio station conducted a previous investigative report in 2009, uncovering a further 24 cases.

One woman who experienced this is Kate Wahlgren, from Kungälv in southern Sweden. She was told that she’d miscarried, and given abortive pills Cytotec to expel the foetus.

When a follow-up ultrasound revealed that the foetus in fact wasn’t dead, the doctor recommended her to continue taking the pills anyway.

Since she’d already started taking abortive pills, there was a risk that her child would be born disfigured.

“I was very sad. I felt misled, very misled,” said Kate Wahlgren, who decided to continue her pregnancy after all, to SR.

Today her baby is seven months old, and, according to its mother, completely healthy.

Monica Ericson Sjöström, chief of medicine in the Bohuslän region, understands Kate Wahlgren’s reaction.

“It’s very unfortunate that she feels badly treated. I understand that she has a hard time comprehending what happened,” she said to SR.

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