Woman runs herself over with own car

A woman in Hässelby in western Stockholm was dragged for nearly 10 metres under her own car after she managed run herself over on Friday morning in what police believe was a failed attempt to deal with some apparent engine trouble.

One of the woman’s neighbors was woken up by desperate cries on Friday morning, the Aftonbladet newspaper reported.

Running outside on his balcony, he looked down in bewilderment to see a car on the lawn with the woman jammed underneath it.

“She was screaming her lungs out,” neighbour Per-Åke Eriksson told the newspaper.

Eriksson quickly called emergency services, and rescue workers showed up shortly thereafter, using rescue air lifting bags to raise the car and dislodge the woman.

The exact cause of the incident remains under investigation, but police theorized that the woman was having trouble getting the car started and got out of the vehicle to try to find out what was wrong underneath the hood.

“She probably had it in gear since the car started moving and ran her over,” Sven-Erik Olsson with the Stockholm police told Aftonbladet.

The terrified woman was then dragged along beneath the driverless car before it came to a stop after about 10 metres.

After the rescue, the woman was taken to hospital but her condition is unknown.

“She was conscious but jammed underneath the car when our patrol arrived at the site,” Olsson said.

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