‘Facebook’ rapist jailed for teen sex attacks

'Facebook' rapist jailed for teen sex attacks
A man who used Facebook and other social media media websites to come in contact with Swedish teen girls, was sentenced to six-years in prison on Wednesday for a series of sex attacks.

The 23-year-old was arrested in November after police investigations revealed he used sites on the internet to find girls, some of whom were younger than 15-years-old, the age of consent in Sweden.

He was convicted in Blekinge District Court on Wednesday for seven attacks on five different women and girls.

“He met them in different ways. Sometimes through various gang connections, and he also got in touch with them via Facebook, by sending a friend request,” deputy chief prosecutor Anne Williamson told Aftonbladet.

Once contact had been established, the man would arrange to meet up with the girls, who were subsequently attacked.

On three separate occasions, according to the prosecution, the man raped a girl under the age of 15.

Twice the attacks took place in someone’s home, while the other incident happened in the woods. During a further attack, he held down a woman and attacked her near a youth centre.

The man was also convicted of raping of a woman in mid-September and a further attack on a child sometime over last summer.

The 23-year-old who denied all the allegations, had been convicted two years ago of rape, receiving an 18-month jail sentence.

In addition to the prison term, he was ordered to pay his victims 470,000 kronor ($70,000) in damages.

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