Man charged for dragging dog to death

A man in Stockholm has been charged with animal cruelty for dragging a dog behind his car for several kilometres after forgetting he had tied it to his vehicle, according to newspaper Metro.

The man, who is a security guard, had initially loaded two dogs in his vehicle but while he was leaving one on an assignment at an industrial area in central Stockholm, he tied the other one by its leash to the car door.

However, when he was leaving, he got into the car and drove off, forgetting that he hadn’t loaded the other dog back in the car.

By then it was dark outside and he didn’t see the dog waiting by the vehicle.

A female driver said she saw the dog being dragged after the car on the motorway. She signalled for the guard to stop, but he didn’t pay her any heed.

It wasn’t until some time – and about 10 kilometres – later where another driver honked his horn repeatedly and gesticulated wildly, that the man finally understood something was seriously wrong and pulled over, according to the paper.

By then, the dog had died.

The prosecutor is of the opinion that the man has subjected the dog to unnecessary suffering through gross negligence and he has been charged with animal cruelty.

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