Angry cuckold bites back with flyer campaign

A man in his forties who discovered his wife was having an affair with another man launched a campaign exposing her betrayal to take revenge.

“Hello, I’m a deceived husband!” That’s how the cuckolded man, identified only as Jean-Luc, introduced himself to shoppers in a supermarket in Marennes, a village near the town of La Rochelle reports French daily Sud Ouest.

Jean-Luc also distributed flyers over the weekend with a blurred photo of his wife and her alleged lover and a brief description of the man, including details such as first name, age and employment.

“He took my wife, the love of my life,” reads the flyer Jean-Luc distributed to shoppers.

When Jean-Luc discovered his wife was having an affair with a man she met on holidays, he decided to hit back. He decided to distribute flyer to shame the alleged lover at the supermarket near his home.

“I came here because it’s the town where her lover lives. I want everyone to know what he did to me,” explains Jean-Luc in an interview with Sud-Ouest. He also says he is aware he could face legal action over his campaign, but insisted he was prepared to take a risk.

Jean-Luc, who has been married for 28 years, also hired a detective to prove his wife was having an affair.

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