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Rail worker forced to bury dead colleague's remains

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Rail worker forced to bury dead colleague's remains
12:10 CET+01:00

Pascal Prou, a rail worker who was forced to bury the remains of a colleague, reaches a settlement deal with the rail company SNCF. He will receive €45,000 in compensation.

In 1997, one of Prou’s colleagues was run over by a fast train near the city of Angers in the east of France. While the employee’s body was recovered and given to the family of the victim, Prou and his colleagues found more remains belonging to the victim a couple of days later.

His boss ordered him to pick up the body parts, a task Prou refused to do. Later that day, Prou’s boss handed him a bag full of remains. 

"He ordered me to bury the remains in a wasteland, that’s when I went crazy," Prou told French daily France Soir.

Prou says he suffered from depression for years after the event and tried to commit suicide twice. In 2010, the rail worker sued the rail company SNCF for breaking his labour contract. A French labour court has ruled in Prou’s favour and accepted the settlement agreement between the two parties.

According to France Soir, the widow of the victim says she "forgives" Prou for illegally burying her husband.

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