Evidence in Ethiopia trial ‘faked’: lawyer

More evidence presented against the two Swedish journalists on trial in Ethiopia has been faked, according to their defense lawyer, who said that his two clients didn’t know the guerrilla soldiers charged alongside them.

Evidence in Ethiopia trial 'faked': lawyer

“Martin and Johan have told me very decidedly that they had never seen these two guys before. Not during any stage of their journey did they meet these two individuals. They turned up the day after the arrest,” defence lawyer Thomas Olsson told daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

The trial against Swedish reporters Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson, arrested in July in the Ogaden province of Ethiopia on the border of Somalia, an area deemed off-limits by the regime, resumes on Monday.

The two Swedes, who are adamant they are not guilty of the terrorism allegations against them, are facing lengthy prison sentences if convicted.

Schibbye and Persson were charged alongside two guerrilla soldiers who allegedly helped them enter the Ogaden area from neighbouring Somalia. The guerrillas have already been convicted and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

However, according to Olsson, the two Swedes claimed never to have seen the two men until a few days following their arrest.

According to DN, the two guerrilla soldiers have been very important to the prosecutor’s case, as their presence in the courtroom tied the two Swedes to the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a separatist rebel group fighting to make Ogaden an independent state.

But even before the two soldiers were convicted, foreign diplomats present in the courtroom feared that theirs was a mock trial.

The men had nothing to say to their defence and allegedly looked happy and relaxed as they left the courtroom to be taken back to prison.

If the two guerrilla soldiers were not connected to Schibbye and Persson, it is not the first time that the prosecution’s evidence has been tampered with.

In November, prosecutors were forced to admit that footage used as evidence against the Swedes had been edited and gun shots added to the audio, were the Swedes are holding rifles, to indicate they were participating in weapons training.

“Sadly this just strengthens our suspicions that there is a political agenda behind this trial, aside from the legal process,” Olsson told DN.

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Swede ‘beaten in Ogaden’ housed at embassy

A Swedish-Ethiopian politician from Gothenburg, assaulted on a trip to Ogaden, has been safely housed at the Swedish embassy in Addis Ababa were immediate arrangements are being made for him and his family return home.

Dayib Mohamud, a part-time Green Party politician from Gothenburg, was detained and beaten in front of his children, the man’s brother told Swedish media on Monday. Ogaden is a restive region where two Swedish journalists were arrested two years ago on suspicion of abetting terrorists.

Dayib Mohamud landed in the Ethiopian capital on Tuesday along with one of his children.

“They’re now at the Swedish embassy to discuss arrangements for a trip home to Sweden,” his brother Qualinle Dayib told news agency TT.

Dayib Mohamud has lived in Sweden for almost three decades and is a Swedish citizen. He had returned with his nine children, all born in Sweden, to Ethiopia to visit their native Ogaden region, according to the brother.

The man told his brother on the phone that he had been assaulted and thrown from a moving vehicle by eight soldiers, before being taken to a house where the beating continued.

“He is very badly hurt and is having problems moving. There are no hospitals in the area,” the brother added.

The rest of the family, eight children and the mother, were expected to arrive in Addis Ababa by bus on Tuesday evening and plans are being made for the entire family to return home to Sweden as soon as possible.

The Ogaden region between Ethiopia and Somalia has been contested for more than a century. Since 1984, the Ogaden National Liberation Front has taken up armed combat with security forces. The Swedish Foreign Ministry (Utrikesdepartementet – UD) advises Swedish citizens to stay clear of the region.

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