Thief caught with loot down his underwear

A 26-year-old tourist to Malmö, southern Sweden, was recently arrested after being caught with 16 stolen mobile phones stuffed down his thermal underwear.

The man, who hadn’t counted on getting caught by his underwear ringing, was visiting a nightclub in central Malmö, when he needed to make a phone call, reported local paper Sydsvenskan.

After realising he didn’t have enough money on his phone, the would-be thief spotted a mobile sticking out of one of the other guest’s pockets. As he passed by, he lightly brushed the pocket with two fingers and swiped the phone.

After realizing how easy it was, he scouted for other easy targets.

“It was so simple,” he said when questioned by police, according to Sydsvenskan.

At the time of his arrest, the man had 16 mobile phones hidden in his underwear and coat.

He had stuffed the ends of his underwear down his shoes and used tape to secure them, keeping the phones from falling out, reported newspaper Metro.

The last person to have his phone pilfered told police that he had been dancing when he noticed his phone was missing.

After borrowing his friend’s phone, he attempted to call his own, only to jump when he recognised his ringtone trilling from the trousers of a man just passing by.

The man, who realised he had been discovered, tried to escape but was apprehended by the guard and the disgruntled mobile phone owner.

After being questioned by police, the man is now being charged with aggravated theft.

However, the guards had allowed him lose his thermal underwear, one of the most importance pieces of evidence, on the way to the remand hearing, reported newspaper Metro.

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