Textbook Indian summer to provide warmth through weekend

Textbook Indian summer to provide warmth through weekend
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The lowlands may be filled with swathes of morning fog, but most of Germany has been soaking in the sunny days of Altweibersommer, as the Germans call an Indian summer. And, according to the forecast, it isn’t over just yet.

“The most exciting topic for meteorologists is currently the ‘fog lottery,’ ” said German Weather Service (DWD) meteorologist Andreas Friedrich. “One of the typical features of Altweibersommer are the ‘fog fields,’ where they build up and how long they last during the day. That’s the meteorologist’s daily prize question at the moment.”

Friedrich also said the current daily weather reports can basically be copied from one day to the next: sun, sun, sun. Good news for those needing to tank up on Vitamin D before the grey winter rolls in.

“Based on the present weather prediction models, there will be few changes in the weather patterns leading to Sunday,” he said.

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On Thursday, after the morning fog, the sun will shine throughout Germany from a mostly cloudless sky. Temperatures will reach a high of 22 degrees Celsius in coastal areas and rise to 25 degrees elsewhere, perhaps slightly higher in some south-western areas.

Friday, following fog, the clear sunny days will bring temperatures from 19 to 25 degrees, while Saturday’s forecast is a carbon copy: morning fog, followed by sun and highs of 25 degrees.

According to Friedrich, the high pressure system accompanying the warmer weather may start to weaken for Monday’s national holiday – and over the course of next week, an influx of cold air may even bring snow to low mountain ranges.

“Let’s enjoy the still warm and sunny days coming up this weekend first,” Friedrich said.

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