Fake cop groomed and handcuffed kids

A 25-year-old man in Skåne in southern Sweden is facing charges for grooming children over the internet, impersonating a police officer and handcuffing several of them.

The man started contacting the children, who are around 12-years-old, via various web communities. His first approach was to act as if he was also in their age, according to prosecutor Patrik Tilly.

“He pretended to be a child who’d been in accidents and who people should feel sorry for,” Tilly said. “He spoke to children who felt sorry for the imaginary boy.”

But then he changed his strategy. Instead of acting as a boy their own age, the man contacted the children as police officer Lukas, proceeding to accuse the children of having committed various crimes.

Furthermore the man then arranged meets with at least six of them and forced them into handcuffs.

Police first suspected that the man’s actions had a sexual motive, but the investigation indicates that not to be the case.

“He said he was very lonely as a child and that he found it hard to connect with other children. This is a way for him to gain respect,” Tilly said.

There are currently nine children involved in the case, but police have found more pictures in the man’s computer of children who have not yet been identified. Police are hopeful that they will be able to get into contact with them.

“We are very lucky we managed to check this man’s progress,” Tilly said. “You never know how it might end.”

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