Discover Switzerland your way with ESL

If you want to learn German or French, there's no better way than total immersion. And there's no better place to get immersed than at an ESL language course in Switzerland.

Discover Switzerland your way with ESL
Henry Mühlpfordt

Do you want to fly away to new countries? Find new job opportunities ? 

Switzerland is the ideal destination to explore breathtaking landscapes, meet welcoming people and build your professional career. Before leaving and settling for good, try studying the language on the spot. There is nothing like a language course in total immersion in Switzerland to acquire basic knowledge of German or French. In addition to learning the language, travelling to Switzerland is a fantastic opportunity to discover a beautiful country that draws many visitors from the whole world.

For 15 years, our ESL-Language Studies Abroad agency has specialised in organising language courses abroad. We are committed to meeting your needs through tailor-made programmes in more than 20 languages in 200 destinations on the 5 continents. Besides, our organisation provides courses for all ages to satisfy different needs. If you are interested in taking a German or French intensive course, we will find a course type adapted to your level: from beginner to advanced, whatever the duration of your stay. The primary objective of our courses is to enable you to discover the language of your choice and acquire communication skills for everyday life. 

We also offer courses that are specially designed for executives and professionals and meet specific needs. Business courses in mini groups provide an optimum environment for making rapid progress while networking with other professionals, which is why they are in such high demand – you can improve your language and professional skills in a relaxing setting, according to your own goals. 

You will be able to study the language of your choice in some of the greatest cities in Switzerland, such as the idyllic city of Montreux on Lake Geneva’s shores, Lausanne or Zürich. You will make considerable progress while having daily contacts with friendly and welcoming people. 

As for your children, they can benefit from our summer camps in Leysin, specially designed for teens. The exciting cultural and sports activities as well as the themed evenings will remain etched on their memories for life. The camps will leave them confident and prepared when moving to Switzerland. 

To get further details about our language programmes, visit our websites now. If you have questions or need some advice, contact the school or our Montreux agency directly. 

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