Court orders HIV-infected man into isolation

A Malmö man in his twenties is suspected of having had unprotected sex without informing partners about his HIV infection.

The Administrative Court has now ruled that the man must enter forced isolation, according to a report in the local Sydsvenskan daily.

The man has been previously brought to the attention of the Skåne region’s Centre for Communicable Disease Control (Smittskydd Skåne), for neglecting his regular contact with the hospital, and for having had unprotected sex with his girlfriend for two and half year without informing her about his infection.

When this was discovered in December 2010, the girlfriend was informed and reported her boyfriend to the police, leading his case to land on prosecutor Jeanette Sprimont’s table.

“I started by contacting the Centre for Communicable Disease Control before proceeding with the case. I needed to get some information: Who is this person? When and how was he infected? What does he know about his disease, and what does he know about his obligations?” she said to Sydsvenskan.

Concerns that more women may have been put at risk through unprotected sex with this man are now being investigated, and these concerns also form the reason behind the man’s forced isolation.

He will spend up to three months in isolation, according to the Administrative Court’s ruling, which states that the man has not done anything to minimise the risk of the infection spreading, despite knowing his obligations.

“As soon as we get him placed in this isolation, we can talk to him about what we know,” Sprimont said.

The man opposes the court’s ruling, denying that he has had unprotected sex, or that he is planning to have it in future.

However, he remains currently accused of attempted aggrieved assault, between July 2008 and December 2010.

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