Luxembourger triumphs in German office chair race

Luxembourger triumphs in German office chair race
Photo: DPA
Luxembourger Pierre Feller beat out the homegrown talent to win the downhill speed discipline at the third German office chair championships in the town of Bad König-Zell in Hesse on Saturday.

Feller set a new course record for his win by covering the 200-metre downhill stretch in just 26.95 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 35 kph (22 mph).

“His lying-down technique was sensational!” gushed organizer René Karg of Feller’s winning run, before pointing out the strict regulations in place for the third championship of its kind: the chairs are allowed to be fitted with inline-skate wheels and handles, but no kind of motorized aid is permitted.

“We check each chair in advance,” said Karg.

Racing in pairs and equipped with helmets and kneepads, the 58 participants then launch themselves onto the course head-first from a ramp.

This year’s racers mainly came from areas around Cologne, Stuttgart and Luxembourg, with the second and third places won by local speed demons Andreas Ripper and Finn-Jan Rucktäschel.

The design prize was won by Heiko Winter, also a local resident, who was dressed as a cowboy and had fitted his chair with a horse’s head and a saddle.


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