Malmö train crash likely caused by human error

Human error was most likely behind the train crash at Malmö Central station which saw an x2000 train crash into a stop barrier on the morning of New Year's Day.

Only one person was injured in the crash and he was taken to Malmö hospital to be treated for his injuries

Neither SJ, nor the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) offered a probable cause for the accident but referred to a joint investigation led by the Transport Administration accident investigators.

“A reply will be given within three months,” Ola Nilsson, spokesperson from the Traffic Administration told the TT news agency.

However, in his dealings with the Board of Accident Investigation (SHK) he stated that there is no indication that the crash was caused by a technical fault.

SJ has not yet specified how much the accident will cost the company, although according to preliminary information it will not cost more than 20 million kronor ($2.97 million).

“X2000 trains are pretty old trains and taking into account depreciation, rather than what it costs to replace it with a new one. Residual value, the interior and other parts of the train that can be reused are also taken into account,” Johan Gustafsson from the team of investigators told TT.

Salvage work is expected to be completed between 2am and 4am on Tuesday night.

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Trains stopped between Stockholm and Gothenburg

Trains between Stockholm and Gothenburg have been stopped and between Stockholm and Malmö severely disrupted due to a fire and several electrical faults.

Trains stopped between Stockholm and Gothenburg

“We have problems with all rail traffic south of Norrland,” Peter Jonsson, from the Swedish Transport Administration, told the country’s TT newswire. “The heat has of course had an impact, particularly when it concerns the fire, but we’re not otherwise speculating on the cause.” 

According to the agency, the issues are the result of four separate incidents, a fire south of Hallsberg, an overhead power contact line, which has snapped, and two electrical faults. 

Peter Krameus, a spokesperson for Sweden’s state-owned rail company SJ, said that all trains were being sent back to the stations from which they most recently departed until the faults could be corrected. 

While trains between Stockholm and Gothenburg have been stopped completely, trains between Stockholm and Malmö have been affected by two problems with overhead lines. Trains between Mjölby and Nässjö and Eslöv and Stehag are travelling onto on one of the two lines now. 

“That doesn’t mean that all traffic has stopped, but it’s going to mean cancelled trains and delayed departures,” Jonsson said. 

So far, 50 of SJ’s train departures have been cancelled as a result of the faults.