Örebro man suspected of several rapes: police

Örebro man suspected of several rapes: police
The man was arrested on Monday evening in Örebro in central Sweden on suspicion of rape and attempted rape, is suspected in connection with several more attacks committed in the city over the past year, police have confirmed.

Örebro police have been working with a series of unsolved rapes and sexual attacks that have occurred in the city over the past five years.

The 23-year-old was arrested at around 7pm on Monday evening on a warrant for his arrest issued at 4pm on suspicion of rape and attempted rape.

“We have seen a series of events and it has been tremendously urgent to deal with it,” said Ralf Hedin at Örebro police to journalists on Tuesday.

According to the police forensic evidence links the suspect to several of the attacks.

“We have forensic evidence which lends support to us having the right person in custody,” Hedin said.

Police had previously suspected the involvement of two men in the rapes, and when asked whether the police are still considering for further suspects, Hedin replied:

“With regards to other attacks we have not seen any pattern.”

The grade of suspicion levelled against the man was raised on Tuesday and he is now being held on the highest grade of suspicion – probable cause. The situation was changed when police were able to conclude that the forensic evidence supports the theory that “one and the same person committed a number of rapes”.

“That our work has now progressed on a number of attacks against women, is dependent on methodical work,” said county police commissioner Karl Wallin at the press conference.

“It has been a matter of urgency and troublesome that the attacks which we have now concentrated on occurred outside and have occurred in a series,” said Ralf Hedin.

Örebro police have been investigating at least 12 cases of rapes and attempted rapes in the city.

On Sunday evening an extra 12 police units were deployed to search for the man and to increase security on the city’s streets.

According to Örebro police spokesperson Torbjörn Carlson the arrest was carried out without any resistance.

“It was undramatic,” he said.

Three new attacks were reported over the weekend, originally believed to be perpetrated by the same person.

Sunday’s first attack occurred in western Örebro early in the morning when a 23-year-old woman was attacked by a man on a bicycle. Shortly afterwards a 64-year-old woman on Egnahemsgatan was raped.

On Sunday evening a young woman was attacked in her apartment by an unidentified man who had forced his way into her apartment. The attack was not however of a sexual nature.

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