Chaos reigns in central Sweden after heavy rain

Chaos reigns in central Sweden after heavy rain
Bus in Älvsjö southwest of Stockholm to Farsta caught in heavy rain on July 29
Central Sweden was hammered by heavy rainfall on Thursday, with emergency calls overwhelming rescue services on flooded roads and properties. Several traffic accidents occurred, but no injuries were reported.

The heavy rain caused several floods. The worst precipation fell over Mariefred and Södertälje southwest of Stockholm.

“It is a little chaotic,” said Anders Edstam, lieutenant at Södertörn fire department southeast of Stockholm. “We have extremely heavy rain, especially over Södertalje, but it has also caused a number of problems in Huddinge.”

He added, “It has gone on for hours now and we are so overwhelmed that we have been forced to respond to only the most significant events. We do not have time to help some homes and private residences and have been forced to focus on warehouses and properties with higher economic values.”

The rain also caused several traffic accidents, but by 7pm, emergency services had received no reports of any serious injuries.

“The main roads are passable, but there is an enormous amount of water, so people are trapped in large volumes of water,” said Edstam.

In the evening, the precipitation drifted further westward and caused severe problems, particularly in Örebro. Orienteering competition O-ring was preparing to evacuate about 450 camping orienteers in the evening from the camping site to a sports facility.

“Everyone understands that this is an organiser’s nightmare,” said Inge Blomberg, general secretary for O-ringen 2010. “However, all have stepped in to help. When it gets so nasty, some sort of community within it comes into existence and it is an awesome experience.”

When news agency TT asked how it looked at the campsite, Blomberg answered, “Have you ever have paddled in a canoe in a swamp delta?”

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