Record support for Greens: poll

Record support for Greens: poll
Support for the Green Party has increased by three percentage points to 10.6 percent according a new poll, which shows a majority of voters support Sweden's Left-Green alliance.

The Demoskop poll found the opposition parties would win a majority in parliament were the election held today, with 50.2 percent of support from the electorate, compared to 44.6 percent for the governing centre-right coalition.

“We feel the wind at our backs,” the Green Party’s co-leader, Maria Wetterstrand, told Expressen newspaper, celebrating the party’s highest opinion poll rating to date.

Despite record levels of support for the Greens, the other opposition parties in the opposition left-green alliance are faring less well after a week of heated debates in Sweden over tax deductions for the service sector, which the opposition plans to abolish if they win the general election in September.

Support for the Social Democrats has fallen by almost one percent to 34.4 percent while the Left Party, which has taken the strongest line in the tax breaks debate, lost 1.1 percent of support and now stands at 5.1 percent.

However even larger losses were suffered by the governing parties, with the Moderate Party losing the most, with a 2.6 percent fall in support to 27.3 percent. The other coalition parties also experienced slight drops in support with the exception of the Christian Democrats which increased its support by a half a percentage point.

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats Party also increased its support by a half a percentage point and, at 4.3 percent, remains above the threshold to win a seat in parliament.

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