One thousand pigs survive barn roof collapse

Winter should not come as a surprise in Sweden. But it did – after many mild seasons.

And it wasn’t enough that human beings had to brave transport delays, icy highways and collapsed roofs. The fact is: even pigs suffered.

Around 1,000 pigs survived on a farm in Brålanda in western Sweden on Saturday after a barn roof collapsed because of the heavy snow load.

The animals evidently all managed very well because they were sensible enough to scramble into pens protected by steel girders. “We haven’t found any fatalities so far,” Esse Österman, head of the rescue operation, told news agency TT.

He said that volunteers then transported the pigs into protected and warm facilities. “They’re very sensitive when it comes to cold weather…and all has gone well at this point.”

Pigs are not the only animals that have faced hazards during the deep freeze. Wildlife such as reindeer, distressed by huge snow drifts, have ventured onto Swedish highways, and at their peril. Reindeer fatalities are not immediately available.

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