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Airbus slides off runway at Stockholm airport

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Airbus slides off runway at Stockholm airport
10:00 CET+01:00
An official investigation is underway after an Iran Air plane about to leave for Teheran on Saturday slid off the runway at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm. None of the 173 people onboard were hurt.

It was unclear why the incident occurred. “Some 100, 150 meters out on the runway (the plane) made a very slow turn and got stuck in the snow on the side of the runway,” Arlanda spokesman Jan Lindqvist told AFP.

He ruled out the possibility of icy conditions because the plane was moving so slowly. Other possibilities might include a braking problem or one motor running faster than the other.

Two other runways remained open. The Airbus was moved into shelter for investigations by the Swedish Accident Investigation Board (Haverikommission).

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