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10 Swedish Designers, Götgatan 25

It’s difficult not to notice this shop when you’re walking down the street. With bright and colourful handbags prominently displayed in the front, 10 Swedish Designers draws the attention of anyone who is looking for something fun and retro.

The store initially started with ten patent designers but now only three are owners. While the brand does distribute to many stores nationwide, this is the only store that houses all the items and fabrics. It sells fabric that have been made by the designers, and it also sells items made out of the fabric.

The shop’s bold prints and designs usually attract people of all ages, but the handbags tend to attract a younger crowd. Although the store sells a variety of items, the handbags are by far the most popular products in the store. At around 600 kronor, the bags are a fun and affordable addition to a wardrobe.

It’s hard to imagine that one could feel that the store doesn’t have enough variety. But if customers ever get bored with the designs, fear not because each year designers come out with a completely new collection.

Opening hrs

M-F: 10-18:30

Sat: 11-17

Sun: 12-16

Price range:

500-1,500 kr

Editor’s pick: Multi-purpose pouch, 220 kronor.

(Photos: Lydia Parafianowicz)

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