Berserk bovine injures children after farm break out

A "cow gone wild" injured several children and a police officer in Hagen after escaping from its pen and rampaging through city, police in the German state of Lower Saxony reported on Sunday.

Berserk bovine injures children after farm break out
Photo: DPA

The 700-kilogramme (1540-pound) bovine charged into a group of children in the Mentrup district, tossing them into the air, police said.

Five children between the ages of six and 11-years-old were slightly injured in the dust up.

A veterinarian was eventually able to shoot the agitated animal with a tranquiliser gun, and she calmed down for a time, police said.

But shortly afterwards, the frantic cow rammed a police officer in her path, tossing him into the air too. The officer sustained light injuries.

Authorities finally managed to corner the cow in a resident’s carport and administered a second tranquiliser shot before leading her home.

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