Gothenburg hit by spate of morning bomb scares

Gothenburg hit by spate of morning bomb scares
Shoppers in Gothenburg suffered disruption on Tuesday as the city was hit by a spate of bomb scares.

The discovery of a suspicious shoe box in a subway tunnel near Gamlestadstorget in Gothenburg on Tuesday morning led to delays to tram and train traffic.

A further bomb scare earlier on Tuesday morning led to the closure of part of the shopping centre near Frölunda square.

Both scares turned out to be false alarms and news agency TT reports that by lunchtime transport links had returned to normal and the shopping centre had been re-opened.

Police bomb technicians were called to a Hemköp supermarket on Frölunda square this morning when staff reported a suspicious package. The store was cordoned off while police investigated the source of the alarm – a discarded shoe box.

Gothenburg police are not ruling out a connection between the two discarded shoe boxes.

“These boxes are not dissimilar, but we have not received any information of a threat,” said Björ Blixter at Västra Götaland police to news agency TT.