Danes flock to Sweden to shop

Danes flock to Sweden to shop
Buoyed a strong domestic currency, Danish shoppers are travelling over the Öresund Bridge by the busload to snap up cross-border bargains, Hallands Nyheter reports.

Starting this week four coaches a day, each loaded with a cargo of 75 Danes, will make the 220 kilometre journey from Copenhagen to the village of Ullared in western Sweden, home to the enormous Gekås discount department store.

When plans for the shopping trips were announced last year, before the Swedish krona began to lose ground against its Danish counterpart, organizers expected to fill ten coaches during the spring season.

But with 1 Danish krone now worth almost 1.5 Swedish kronor, shoppers from Denmark are queuing up to board the Sweden-bound buses.

“There will be four a day until the end of March, or 36 coaches in all,” Gekås CEO Boris Lennerhov told Hallands Nyheter.