Leftist politician attacked in Stockholm

A 29-year-old leftist politician from the Stockholm suburbs was beaten and attacked with a knife in Jordro south of Stockholm on Sunday night.

Mattias Bernhardsson sits on the local council in Haninge, a suburb south of Stockholm, and is a member of the Rättvisepartiet socialisterna, the Swedish chapter of the socialist Committee for a Workers’ International.

According to Bernhardsson, he was followed by several people who then attacked him with brass knuckles and cut his face with a knife.

He is convinced the attack was carried out by Nazis.

“I noticed that three men were walking behind me. When I turned I saw that they were skinheads,” he told the TT news agency.

Bernhardsson then began running, but the stalkers caught up to him.

“One of them pulled on a mask and came at my face with a knife. Another had brass knuckles,” he said.

Bernhardsson managed to maintain his balance during the attack, after which the men jumped into a waiting car and sped off.

The incident was Bernhardsson’s second brush with violence over the weekend.

On Saturday, he and a colleague were attacked by several men in connection with a demonstration in central Stockholm against the United States’ involvement in Iraq.

“It’s obvious to me that there’s a connection. It seems like they were waiting for me and followed me,” he said.

Bernhardsson sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The Sunday attack has been reported to police.