Police caught by speed cameras: ‘All equal before the law’

Police cars, fire engines and ambulances regularly exceed speed limits on Sweden's roads. Many are caught on camera.

Even if the offence is committed while responding to an emergency call a report still has to be filed and an explanation given.

A waste of time and unnecessary administration, according to ambulance staff and police in Linköping, local newspaper Östgöta Correspondenten reports.

“We pass speed cameras several times a day. They are not all always turned on, fortunately, but we get reports of more than five speeding offences per week,” according to Anders Månsson at Östgota police.

Anders Drugge, head of the police unit for automatic traffic safety cameras in Kiruna, argues that it is a case of all being equal before the law.

“We can not have one rule for the general public and another for official vehicles, that would not work,” he said.