Swedish vegetable prices at 15-year high

Swedish vegetable prices at 15-year high
Swedish vegetable prices are at their highest for 15 years according to new figures from Statistics Sweden (SCB).

According to the SCB report vegetables in Sweden are 15.6 percent more expensive than they were a year ago.

“The main explanatory factor is the declining value of the kronor,” said Marcus Widén at the National Institute of Economic Research (KI) to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

The price increases for vegetables are almost three times the average for food prices in general in Sweden, up five percent over the last year.

Among the vegetables that have increased the most in price are spring onions by 85 percent, cucumbers by 58 percent, cauliflower by 35 percent, and tomatoes and lettuce by 21 percent.

Mushrooms have become 14 percent more expensive, bell peppers by 10, potatoes by 9 and washed carrots by 6 percent.

Prices for onions and cabbage have however gone against the trend and have declined by 9 and 7 percent respectively.