Swedish cops ‘baked cake’ in the nude

The nine Swedish cops in western Sweden that posed naked with a weapon at a party, posed nude on several more occasions, it has emerged.

The cops are reported to have frolicked naked in a gym and also while making a “sandwich cake”.

The Local reported in February that the nine male officers had posed naked at a party celebrating the end of their training to serve in special tactical units. All were aged between 30 and 40-years-old.

It has now emerged from an internal police investigation into the party antics that this was not an isolated event, according to local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten (GP).

Colleagues have reported that the nine officers have been witnessed lifting weights in the nude in a police gym also frequented by female police officers.

On another occasion the officers baked a “sandwich cake” (a savoury layered cake of sandwiches) for their instructors.

When the instructors were set to eat the cake pictures were produced showing at least one of the men placing his penis on the cake.

The investigation report states that it has not been able to verify the allegations over the antics, which occurred in the police officer’s free time.

“This is as yet unverified information,” Erik Nord at county police to GP.

When the details first emerged of the police officers’ behaviour in the beginning of February the nine officers were consigned to desk duty.

It is now up to the police disciplinary board to determine whether the men should receive a warning over their conduct at the party.