Ex-cop charged for ‘neglecting’ to return evidence

A former Gothenburg-area police officer was charged on Monday for having pilfered several pieces of police evidence and taking out a loan in another person’s name.

Following an internal transfer within the force, the man was supposed to have handed over a number of items confiscated during investigations.

For some reason or another, however, the items which should have been handed over to the man’s colleagues ended up in a plastic bag in his basement

The former officer, who left the police force in 2007, claims that he simply never got around to giving the things back.

In his residence, investigators discovered 55 separate pieces of which had been confiscated by police as a part of previous investigations.

Among the items found was a cassette tape of police interrogations, identification documents, a mobile phone, and 1.6 grammes of cannabis.

In addition to the items he allegedly stole, the man is also charged for falsifying the signature of a woman in order to take out a loan for 50,000 kronor ($5,420).

He continued signing the woman’s name on several documents from the Swedish Enforcement Agency (Kronofogden), which is charged with following up on unpaid debts.

The woman whose name the man falsified eventually reported him to authorities when she was moving cleaning the basement and discovered the plastic bag.