Probe to follow naked Swedish police party

Probe to follow naked Swedish police party
The presence of a male stripper and pictures of naked police officers brandishing their service weapons have prompted an investigation of a party thrown for members of the Gothenburg police force.

“This is not acceptable,” said Erik Nord, commander of field duty police officers in Gothenburg, to the TT news agency.

All officers who attended the party have been reassigned to desk duty while the incident is investigated.

The nine officers, none of whom were women, had just finished supplemental training to serve in special tactical units and included a number of seasoned veterans.

“These are officers with several years of experience. They are between 30- and 40-years-old,” said Nord.

Last Friday’s party was held in a rented cabin near Gothenburg and included the recent graduates as well as the instructors who had trained them during the six-month course.

Upon seeing what they deemed as questionable behaviour, the instructors put a stop to the celebrations, however.

“They went up and said that it was inappropriate,” said Nord.

The instructors’ complaints were reported through to police leadership, resulting desk duty for all nine officers involved.

During the party, officers began carrying out a sex game which was meant to dramatize some sort of homosexual relationship, according to Nord.

The game featured pictures of the lower half of a nude men’s bodies as they held police-issued sub-machine guns in their hands.

At that moment, a male stripper showed up at the party, according to information Nord received.

He said he is extremely disappointed.

“It shows a complete lack of judgment. You can’t do what you want when you’re off-duty and a policeman,” said Nord.

The situation isn’t made any better that the revelations about the raunchy party come at the same time that police in Malmö find themselves mired in controversy following the use of racist comments on the job and during training.

“It’s unfortunate and it hurts people’s confidence in the police,” said Nord.

He added that he hasn’t seen the naked pictures himself, cautioning that a proper investigation hasn’t yet begun.

Police in Västra Götaland is western Sweden now plan to review their special forces recruiting procedures.

Nothing that happened at the party was illegal, according to police.

Nevertheless, it was inappropriate, they added.