Mysterious Hamburg death was a suicide

Mysterious Hamburg death was a suicide
Photo: DPA
Investigators have determined that the bloody corpse of a man found under a Hamburg train overpass was not the victim of a crime, but a suicide, police announced late on Tuesday.

The man, a 32-year-old student from the Ivory Coast, stabbed himself with a knife that authorities found in his pocket, police said, adding that they found no trace of a crime.

“Investigators found blood on the bridge, railings and tracks,” police Commissioner Karina Sadowsky told daily Die Welt.

A police autopsy revealed that the man had cut both of his wrists, then stabbed himself in the neck. Police believe he then waited for a train to come down the tracks, but because the U1 metro line didn’t run overnight, threw himself over the bridge onto Sengelmannstraße instead.

“Death finally came through suffocating in his own blood,” one officer told the paper.

Further police investigation revealed that the man, undergoing psychological treatment, had already attempted suicide in the past.

The gruesome event forced police to temporarily close down a main street and metro line on Tuesday morning after a driver found the body.