Teacher asks pupils to name ‘most trying’ classmate

A teacher at a school in Ängelholm in southern Sweden gave pupils a task to name their 'most trying' classmate.

Pupils were told to write the name of their choice on a note and the result would be announced at a parent meeting, writes local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The teacher was prevented from announcing the results of the ‘survey’ when parents objected to the exercise and reported the issue to the school inspection service (Skolinspektion).

The authority has demanded an explanation and a detailed account of how the matter is being dealt by the local education authority.

The school’s principal said to the newspaper that he had not yet been fully informed about the situation.

“I reacted strongly on the description (of the exercise) and naturally take this seriously, but I have to hear the teacher’s version first before I can say anything else.”