Man dies as snowmobile goes through the ice

A 65-year-old man died as a result of his snowmobile crashing through thin ice on a lake near Rättvik in central Sweden on Saturday evening. One of several accidents across the country over the weekend.

The man disappeared in connection with scooter trip. When he did not arrive at the party’s destination his relatives went back to search for him. The 65-year-old man was later found by a lake.

“He sat on the edge of the ice,” said Göran Svahn at Dalarna police to news agency TT.

The man’s snowmobile had crashed through the ice, but he had managed to pull himself up. He was taken suffering from hypothermia to Falun hospital.

Despite strenuous attempts to resuscitate the man his life could not be saved, the hospital confirmed on Sunday.

Several other accidents involving thin ice occurred over the weekend.

Early on Saturday a man went through the ice on Håtunaviken in Lake Mälaren north-west of Stockholm. The man was helped into an ambulance helicopter and taken to Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, police confirmed.

The hospital confirmed on Sunday that the man was suffering from hypothermia but had recovered well.

Elsewhere a 62-year-old man was saved from a hole in the ice on Hallbosjön near Nyköping by a hunting team on Saturday. He was taken to Nyköping hospital.

Outside of Östersund in northern Sweden another man fell through the ice on Storsjön.

“Hew was suffering from hypothermia but is ok,” said Camilla Leoson at Jämtland police.