Deep freeze continues in Germany

Deep freeze continues in Germany
Photo: DPA
Icy polar air has brought new record low temperatures to Germany for the second straight day. The town of Dippoldiswalde in the eastern state of Saxony registered a frigid -27.7 degrees Celsius (-17.86 degrees Fahrenheit) on Wednesday morning, weather service Meteomedia reported.

The chilly temperature beats Tuesday’s Delitzsch record of -26 degrees Celsius (-14.8 degrees Fahrenheit) to make it the coldest day this winter.

The towns of Altenburg and Sohland were close behind, reporting temperatures of -27.5 degrees Celsius – a low that hasn’t been seen there in some 22 years.

Meanwhile school was cancelled for childrenn in the Lüchow-Dannenberg county in the state of Lower Saxony becuase streets were so icy that busses were unable to operate. The bitter cold temperatures are expected to rise by three to four degrees in northern Germany on Wednesday morning progresses due to cloud cover.

But northern and central Germany can expect light snowfall followed by some sunshine. Southern Germany will likely be dry and partly sunny with some fog expected.

On Thursday most German residents can also expect sunshine, but those on the North and Baltic Sea coast may see freezing rain.

However, warmer weather is on the way. “High Angela will create wintery cold temperatures in the coming days, but the worst of the cold snap was reached today,” meteorologist Andread Meingassner told DPA.

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