Police hunt attacker after brutal car jacking

Police on Monday were busy looking for an attacker who assaulted a man with a wrench before making off with his car outside of Norrköping in eastern Sweden.

The 48-year-old man was busy scraping off the night’s frost from his red Citröen in Kimstad outside of Norrköping at 7am on Monday morning when he was surprised by a wrench-wielding attacker who then made off with his car, according to Norrköping police.

The man was able to seek help from a neighbour who called the police and emergency services. He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance and it was later confirmed that although his injuries were minor he will remain under observation overnight.

Police have connected the attack to several other car thefts in the area on Sunday night as a well as a fire in a holiday house. A Chevrolet stolen from a location near the burned down house was seen in the vicinity of Kimstad near the time of the brutal car jacking.