New Year’s freeze expected

New Year's freeze expected
Photo: DPA
New Year’s Eve revellers in Germany should bundle up if they plan to ring in 2009 outside – the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach on Monday warned that an icy wind will cause temperatures plunge on Silvester night.

“It will be freezing cold and the expected wind will make the air feel even colder than in the nights before. On top of that, we expect light snowfall in some regions,” the forecasters said.

But before the New Year’s freeze, most parts of the country will stay dry and sunny on Tuesday. However, the sun could have some trouble breaking through the fog-like cloud cover in the southwest. Temperature will reach between minus four and zero degrees Celsius in the Rhineland and up to two degrees Celsius on the North Sea islands.

The last day of the year will be frosty one as well. Daytime temperatures on Wednesday are expected to reach only minus three to one degree Celsius while sunny spells might allow the mercury to climb to a mild three degrees Celsius in most parts. The evening could bring some rain or snow, especially across the south west.

At night party-goers should be prepared for subzero temperatures that will plunge to minus eight degrees Celsius (17.6 Fahrenheit).

New Year’s Day is likely to be mostly cloudy with light snowfall in the southwest. Only the middle parts of Germany will start off the day sunny, while heavy clouds will bring snow in the northern areas. Temperatures will range between minus three to two degrees Celsius.