Mini-shoe fetishist busted for stealing 112 pairs of kid’s shoes

Mini-shoe fetishist busted for stealing 112 pairs of kid's shoes
Walking in their shoes: The secured stolen goods. Photo: PI Cham/OPf
Bavarian police have arrested a 39-year old man who stole 112 pairs of children’s shoes for sexual pleasure, officers reported on Friday.

The thief from the southern German Cham region had hoarded impressive amounts of kids footwear, backpacks and children’s t-shirts. The stolen goods were found stuffed in rubbish bags and boxes in his flat.

“The man had even deposited shoes in his bed,” police said in the statement.

Local police became suspicious after shoe thefts went up in the region and searched the apartment of the 39-year-old suspect. While questioning the alleged thief about his love of foot fashion, the officers were baffled when the builder told them he had started “collecting” shoes two years ago and expressed “sexual motives” for his actions.

“Most of the shoes were stolen from kindergartens or schools,” police said in the statement. While the man had purchased some pairs legally at bazaars and markets, he had also taken shoes from different children’s facilities in the region.

Police said they were interested in returning the shoes to their rightful owners. “Maybe the parents didn’t connect the missing shoes to a crime and just thought they have been carelessly misplaced,” the department said in the statement.

Parents whose children have mysteriously lost shoes can call the local police in Cham under 09971 / 85450.