Irish pork pulled from German markets

Irish pork pulled from German markets
Photo: DPA
High levels of toxic substances found in Irish pigs have prompted the German government to pull Irish pork out of groceries, a government spokeswoman said Sunday.

The move came after Irish food safety authorities discovered that animal feed contaminated with dioxins, which are linked to ailments ranging from cancer to skin disease, had been sent to 47 farms. The dioxin levels were up to 200 times higher than allowed limits.

All pork products produced before September 1st have been recalled. Irish authorities issued the recall on Saturday, a European Union rapid warning system for food products informed the German Federal Agricultural Ministry almost immediately, prompting Sunday’s recall.

“The research over which and how many Irish pork products are on the German market is underway,” said the spokeswoman to the DPA news agency.

Irish authorities have asked citizens there to destroy any pork products they may have at home. German authorities have not yet issued guidance for German consumers.

The recall comes as Ireland’s €500 million pork industry enters the busy holiday season, when demand for pork is traditionally high.