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Gothenburg club and concert tips: Friday, Nov. 28

The Djungeltrumman club editor's tips.

Gothenburg club and concert tips: Friday, Nov. 28


Address: Haket, Första Långgatan 32

9pm – 2am

Age: 18 and over

Haket’s number one synth club runs on the last Friday of every month. You can dance yourself into a sweat all night (or at least ’til 2) to old synth hits. The crowd that frequents the Haket cellar is quite young. But some fanatical and slightly older synth enthusiasts also find their way over. Great party!

Club scratch

Address: Pusterviksbaren, Järntorgsgatan 12


190 kronor (200 kronor on the door)

Age: 18 and over


At least two of the four elements of hip-hop can be experienced at Club Scratch. Residents and guest DJs take turns behind the wheels of steel, while some of the bigger names from the rap world are often invited to perform on Pustervik’s intimate stage. And if anyone happens to start spontaneously breakdancing on the floor we can can check the box for the third element.


Live: Jeru The Damaja (US), along with DJ Tommy Hill. NB: Early gig, after-party at Kontiki.


Address: Orgia, Storgatan 47

11pm – 5am

Free entry

Age: 23 and over


Orgia is the watering hole we are all drawn to when everywhere else closes – too early as usual – and our appetite for crowds, alcohol and unexpected encounters has not yet been sated. This is where the Aveny and hipster crowds meet in an environment that is anything but relaxed, and where you have to hold on tight to your 62 kronor beer to avoid getting it right down your cleavage. The commercial techno that generally emanates from the decks is easy to enjoy.


Address: Stearin, Tredje Långgatan 8

10pm – 2am

Free entry

Tredje Långgatan is not at all like Andra Långgatan, despite the fact that it is literally just a stone’s throw away. This is something you realize as soon as you walk through the door at Stearin. The beer is expensive, tasty and probably Italian. The people there have cut their hair and got a job. The seats have comfy covers and nobody spits moist snuff at the ceiling. Can you handle it? If you can, then come here on Friday or Saturday. From 10 o’clock onwards relatively well-known DJs play groovy but laidback house.

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