Passengers wait out airport delays

An estimated 6,000 to 7,000 passengers have been affected by delays at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport on Monday as a major snow storm hit the capital and left only one runway in use.

Passengers wait out airport delays

The majority of flights are delayed by around two hours, though the airport is urging passengers to arrive on time for their scheduled flights unless advised otherwise by their airline.

Up to date departure and arrival times can be found at the airport’s website.

The situation at the airport remained calm on Monday afternoon with most people sitting in the cafes and restaurants and waiting out the delay.

The general attitude is stoical, and most passengers The Local spoke to were not blaming the airport authorities.

“I’m delayed by two hours – so far – and there’s not much to do. I’m just having a sandwich, making a couple of calls and am planning on starting my laptop in a minute. I’m not too irritated,” said Lennart Christensson, flying to Berlin with Air Berlin on business for his company Transmotec, an electronics component company.

“When there’s so much snow, combined with wind, then this sort of thing happens. It would have been impractical to always have enough ground staff on standby to prevent it.”

“There are too few places to sit and work, but that’s the same in airports all over the world. They could have made internet connections free, though – that’s the least an airport can do in situations like this.”

Papa Ibrahima Diallo sat with his family outside a bookshop in Terminal 2 while waiting for a flight to Paris with Norwegian.

“We’re supposed to be flying at 13.30 and we’re officially half an hour delayed, but it might be more as we still haven’t got a gate. All you can do it wait and drink coffee. My son is just a toddler, but so far he’s doing OK.”

Sara from Uppsala, flying to Paris with SAS, said she was “a bit stressed” from standing around and watiing.

“We drove here from Uppsala, which was awful – we were doing 40-50 km/h all the way and could barely see the road. I was supposed to fly at 11.25, but so far I’ve been 2 hours delayed. What makes it worse is that they give so little information – you need to look the whole time. But I’m not cross – I know it’s down to the weather.”


Weather: Germany braces for heavy rainfall through weekend

Thanks to the weather front ‘Peggy’, which is moving west over Germany, the Bundesrepublik is seeing storms strike and saying goodbye to summer weather.

Weather: Germany braces for heavy rainfall through weekend

Rain and strong gusts of winds were expected throughout Germany on Thursday, with the western part of the country to see the heaviest downpour, according to the German Weather Service (DWD).

The wet weather will intensify in the afternoon, moving north to Berlin and Hamburg.

The mercury was set to stretch between 17C and 25C throughout the country, according to DWD, with northern areas experiencing the coolest temperatures.

‘Long-awaited rainfall’

The storms were welcomed in drought-hit parts of western Germany, which has seen record heat over the past few years. 

“Peggy is a heroine. She is bringing long-awaited rainfall in the dry west,” wrote DWD in its weather report Thursday. 

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Yet they also pose a risk for flooding, particularly in parts of northwestern Germany, where between 30 and 50 liters of water per square meter were predicted to fall throughout the day.

“Even if the rain is certainly more of a blessing than a curse for many, these amounts also carry the risk of flooding streets or filling up cellars,” wrote DWD.

Rain will continue around the country on Friday. In the east and southeast, the sun is expected to shine again by the late afternoon, with the mercury reaching around 21C. 

Storms stretch into weekend

Saturday will likely be the coldest day of the week with highs of only 17C in some places, particularly along the coasts. Yet eastern regions will see the mercury rise between 18C and 22C.

The DWD advised to “keep an umbrella around as a faithful companion” as the wet weather continues.

On Sunday, stormy weather will slowly calm down and the showers will retreat to the southeast parts of the country. The mercury is set to hover around a nationwide average of 22C and 23C.