Jung says Somalian pirates should face trial in Germany

Jung says Somalian pirates should face trial in Germany
Somalian pirates with big guns on a Belize-flagged ship this October. Photo: DPA
In the wake of increasing attacks on foreign ships off the coast of Africa, German Defence Minister Franz Josef Jung said he would like for Somalian pirates captured by German soldiers to be tried in the country’s courts.

“We’re ready to clarify this in detail,” Jung said on Monday in Brussels after meeting with the EU Defense Minister. “I think we need a solution to make clear that if necessary, arrests will also lead to corresponding trials,” he said.

According to EU foreign policy boss Javier Solana, the European Union plans to deploy several warships of the Somalian coast in December to fight pirates. Germany plans to contribute a navy frigate to the mission to “establish security at sea and to guarantee free sea trade,” Jung said.

But Jung’s plans to fight international piracy on German soil may not be that feasible. EU officials have said that according to international law, pirates must be tried by authorities in the nation where the ship is registered.

The waters off Somalia are among the most pirate-infested in the world. Several German ships, yachts and hostages have been captured by pirates off the Horn of Africa in recent months.