Seven-year-old runs amok in stolen go-kart

Seven-year-old runs amok in stolen go-kart
If only this policeman had been doing his job. Photo: DPA
A seven-year-old from Lower Saxony went on a shoplifting spree Thursday, stealing several hundred euros in toys from various stores. His getaway vehicle of choice: A stolen go-kart.

The boy’s mother had left him at a friend’s house, where he apparently didn’t stay long, police reported on Friday. During his foray through the Oesede district of Georgsmarienhütte, he managed to boost a €600 go-kart, taking it on a wild tour of several kilometres.

The youth stole toys from a number of stores along the way, stashing his loot in the go-kart’s boot. He then stepped-up the pillaging, acquiring a trailer and stealing a total of €350 in toys, police said.

Witnesses noticed the boy around late afternoon and contacted police. The seven-year-old was finally handed over to his parents at the police station.