Activists break into Bofors weapons plants

Activists broke into two facilities associated with weapons manufacturer Bofors in the early hours of Thursday morning and claim to have damaged up to 20 grenade launchers.

Two people forcibly entered a BAE Systems Bofors facility in Karlskoga in central Sweden, setting off an alarm at around 3:00am Thursday morning. A guard later discovered the pair after they had broken into a locked building.

According to Sveriges Radio, the activists vandalized the facility and hung up a banner.

Two other activists were arrested after they broke into the Saab Bofors Dynamics plant in nearby Eskilstuna.

The activists belong to Ofog, a Swedish network devoted to a nuclear disarmament and demilitarization.

In a statement, the group claims that 20 Carl Gustaf-type grenade launchers were damaged by Thursday morning’s actions

“To disarm weapons which otherwise risk being used to kill people and worsen conflicts ought to be self-evident,” said Anna Andersson, one of the Ofog activists arrested, in a prepared statement published on the group’s website.

Police in Örebro and Eskilstuna couldn’t confirm how many weapons may have been damaged.

“So far the number is unknown and the technical investigation will reveal how many,” said Eskilstuna police spokesperson Owe Andersson to the TT news agency.