Murder suspect called office to report killing his wife

A man from the Stockholm suburb of Bredäng was arrested on Thursday after he called his office to say he had killed his wife.

“The man first called his employer and explained that he’d stabbed his wife to death. The employer then contacted the police,” said police spokesperson Maria Hugolf to the TT news agency.

Police then called the man, who confirmed the story he’d told given to his workplace.

As they made their way to the couple’s home, police maintained telephone contact with the man.

The man, who is in his fifties, was arrested when he walked out of his home.

“The arrest was trouble-free. He’s now suspected of murder,” said Maria Hugolf.

Inside, police found a woman around the same age dead from stab wounds.

“But the forensic investigation will show for sure if that was the cause of death,” said police spokesperson Karin Solberg to the Expressen newspaper.

“Signs currently point to this being a tragic family-related incident. It’s too early to speculate about a motive.”

According to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, the man was taken to hospital with injuries to his stomach.